Dare to learn, be a Mc Gyver

Life be like…

I DON’T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF WHAT I’M DOING !!!! (large quantities of gaffer tape optionnal)

That’s a feeling we all get now and then, and most of time, we hate it.
But, being in this state of “what the hell am I doing ?” means that we are growing, we are learning.

The modern education system has us believe that learning is something risk-free that happens in a controlled environment (mostly behind a desk or computer) and that it’s abnormal for us to feel lost, unsure or clueless.
This is a lie ! (little lie-jingle music)

If you have ever exercised to grow muscles, you are probably aware that the process of making muscles involves damaging your current muscles by stretching them, creating micro-lesions that will be filled again by new mucle fibers that actually expand the muscle.

Well, our learning process is actually the same.
No one grows more skilled or more knowledgeable without the “running in circles, shouting in a panicky voice holding on for dear life to your roll of gaffer-tape” phase (gaffer-tape still optionnal). This is the “partly destroying your current muscles” phase. Uncomfortable, but necessary.

Why is it so uncomfortable, by the way ?
Well, mostly because our culture tells us that we should know it all even before we start, for a start. And that mistakes are not only stupid (and shameful) but also DANGEROUS (a word that has teeth). The media, the style of education that is alas our own and our upbriging aim at keeping us safe, and sadly, that involves making us believe that we will possibly die (ok, this is a slight exageration) if our experiments do not yield results.

And then, we force, we push to get results, and it doesn’t work, and we are sorry.

But there is another way : EMBRACE the clueless, panicky phase for what it is : the very process of making “it” happen (for whatever this “it” is).

Be a Mc Gyver. Use the Swiss-army-knife of learning, and tremendous amounts of gaffer tape.
It’s fine, you are doing it right.