When you are a historical reenactor at a camp everything slows down.
Everything becomes deeper.
The simple act of fetching water (at a modern tap, where it’s drink water, mind you. It’s not even the river or a well 500m away) brings all your way of living into perspective.

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Our body is no abstraction

Do you know this moment when your palms get all sweaty and you start shaking just because you are about to speak to a person that you judge « more beautiful » than you ?
And you think « what am I doing here ? They are a looooong shot, I should just leave ».
And every detail of your anatomy becomes an accusation in the voice of your inner critic : shorter, fatter, socks-shaped breasts, cellulite, hair, no grace…
And then you want to go live under a rock for the rest of your existence because you feel so bad for being in your own skin that you believe you are a stain on the face of the Earth.
[apocalyptic explosion, diverse pyrotechnic effects, John Carpenter’s music, fade to black, the end, credits]

Rings a bell ?

Interview : "Coucou les girls"

"Des complexes, on en a tous ! Aimez-vous et votre corps, personne ne le fera pour vous."Elle a créé Coucou les girls pour montrer que les photos parfaites sur Instagram, c’est pas la réalité. Elle raconte.

Publiée par Brut sur Mercredi 15 mai 2019

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