Love and accept your body ! A 40-days journey to transformation

Why is it we HATE our body so much ?

Why is it we pressure it to look a certain way, to move a certain way ?

Why do we label certain body features « acceptable » an others not ?

I’ve had my share of body-shaming, body-hating, body-controlling, and I decided to just quit.
Quit a downright toxic approach that was detrimental to my self-esteem and detrimental to society. To my young cousin who is 18. To the teenagers who are growing now with only « glossy-paper-magazine-covers » with massive Photoshop and starving models as a reference to what a body can look like.

All bodies are fine bodies. Deciding to exercise or to loose weight, deciding to shave or pluck your body hair should NEVER stem from outside or inner pressure to please anybody.

I want you, I want me, I want US to be at ease, as we are, lounging near the swimming-pool in our own body.
I want us to feel safe and secure when we go to the doctor’s and know our body will be seen.
I want us to feel beautiful and free whenever we are showing our body in an intimate context.
I want us to be strong en empowered whenever we encounter persons who express detrimental, judgemental opinions about bodies.

This is why I’ve created this program…

 40-days online transformation journey to love and accept our body !

Of course, self-hate and judgement are not, ultimately about the body as such.

– Maybe you have grown in an environment where you were taught to take your cues from the outside. Our culture, our upbringing, our family can have had detrimental beliefs about bodies and what they should look like.
♥ These beliefs don’t have to be yours any more, and we can help you let them go !

– Maybe you have had a low self-esteem altogether too long, and your body has been the place where self-blame and self-controlling habits expressed themselves the most
♥ No matter how you have treated yourself in the past, you can change and make a fresh start for self-love !

– Maybe you have suffered from toxic behaviour from one or several persons that have damaged your body-image through harsh words or gestures
♥ We can restore peace and help you let go of whatever false image of you has been created through negative life-experiences.

– Or maybe you just want to kick some patriarchy’s butt ?
♥ Be welcome ! Wether you are a woman, a man or a non-binary individual, we NEED a future that does NOT contain body shame. PERIOD.

So, how does it happen ?

This program is 40 days, because what we want here is to reprogram our thinking, and science tells us that it takes around 40 days to do it. With small, funny, delicious daily positive action, change HAPPENS !

In this program, you’ll get :

♥ 3 in-person coaching sessions (phone, Skype, FB chat…) of 1:30h. Language is French or English.

♥ A dedicated Facebook group to create siblinghood (that’s the same as « sisterhood » but gender-neutral) and support each other. There you can ask me questions in-between the sessions and I’m here to support you (language is English only, since the group is international). You can also message be in-between the sessions if you want to discuss anything privately ;)

♥ A weekly FB live call so you can ask me questions, share your breakthroughs and moments of resistance (so we can make them better). Language is English.

♥ An exclusive written coaching or exercice every day of the week (week-ends are for having fun and being with your loved ones). Language is English.

When does it start ?

As soon as 5 lovely persons have signed for the coaching, I’ll get it rolling.
Tell your loved ones, friends, nieces and nephews about this program, and let’s change the world one body at a time !

Where do I sign ?

Contact me by email ( !
The financial investment for this coaching is 300€, I’ll send you the payment details by email.
Be very welcome to contact me for questions. You can also receive a 100% free coaching session with me so we can get to know each other before you enroll !
To book your free session, click here !