Coaching, English version

Are you ready to make a bold, brave, courageous move to change your life ?

I’ve been there, stuck in my inner patterns, being hard on myself, blaming others and my circumstances instead of holding myself accountable (and, doing so, getting MORE stuck), lacking self-esteem, ignoring the meaning of self-care.
I’ve been there, depressed, disoriented and disheartened.
But I’ve got out. The day I understood I didn’t have to do it alone.

Hello, my name is Elisa and I’m a personal development coach !

After a severe depression in 2012 and quitting my job, I embarked on an adventure and became a coach and a reiki master. I’ve learnt and experienced first-hand what I now teach. It changed my life, made me stronger, clearer, more free and daring that I imagined I could be.
Right at this moment I’m breaking through fears that I remember having all my life, with the help of my own coach.

Because, yes, coaches have coaches.
Who have coaches who have coaches, I guess.

Because it works. Because it takes you from point A to point B in a focused, clear, guided way. It gives you support, unconditionnal attention together with uncompromising clarity about where you are creating your own misery. And coaching fuels a fierce determination for a better life, a better mindset.

My coaching is for people who are brave enough to surrender their beliefs about themselves and how the world works. People who know the solution never lies in the hands of others or in a change of their outer circumstances, but inside of them.

You know, I deeply believe that the only real changes happen from the inside out : I heal, my vibes change, my circumstances change, my vision of the world changes.

If you feel like you could use some joyful badass help on your own way, book your free One-hour-and-a-half session with me. Everybody is entitled one. 100% non-salesy.
Then, if you feel like we could do an amazing job together, we can discuss coaching. No hurry.

Please, note that if you fail to show up for the complimentary session that you have booked or to let me know in advance that you’ll be late or need to reschedule it, I will not give a second appointment. It is a question of mutual respect. I can only work with clients that value the space I hold for them.

Interested ? Drop me a line, let’s have a chat !

I coach by phone or vocal chat, so wherever you live, we’ll find a dedicated time when we can have this important conversation. Write me an email at

Want to know a bit more about me ? You can go to my Instagram page and see what I’m about. You can also go to this website blog section and search « English » as keyword to get my English articles.