The principle of the non-stick pan

When I first landed on a chair in a psychologist’s office, back in 2013, I was SO fed up with feeling certain emotions. Fed up with feeling « less than », overwhelmed by the smallest remark, fed up with being afraid of everything.

I believe that we are all the same and the biggest reason why we finally decide to work with a professional (be it a coach, a healer, a pyshotherapist or a hypnotherapist) is « I really don’t want to feel this [insert the emotion of your choice] again ».

Actually we are almost making a big mistake. But almost. I’ll tell you why.

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Le principe de la poêle anti-adhésive

La raison qui m’a amenée chez ma première psychologue, en 2013, c’était que j’en avais marre de ressentir certaines émotions. Marre de me sentir « moins que », marre d’être décontenancée, marre d’avoir peur de tout.

On est tous pareil, et je crois que la plus grosse raison qui nous amène à travailler avec des professionnels (qu’ils soient coach, gué, psychothérapeute ou hypnothérapeute), c’est « j’ai vraiment plus envie de ressentir ça [insérez l’émotion de votre choix] ».

En fait, on fait semi une grave erreur. Je dis semi, vous verrez pourquoi plus bas. Lire la suite

« Oh no, I’m doing it for me »

When you are saying « I’m not doing this for the others, but for myself », are you sure ?

Our conditionned self may well be part of our self, yet it works exactly as if it was external. It is an « other » just like everyone else.
That is it that makes us feel guilty (« I have watched a movie instead of writing my article »), that make us preemptively feel ashamed (« I can’t go out like this, I look like shit ») and that, on the whole, abuses us like we would never abuse an other person. Lire la suite

Success is a hollow idea/idol

I’ve now been studying with the GAHP (global association for holistic psychotherapy) for three months. The course itself is over and we are now working to complete the requirements for being certified. One of the requirements is that we bragged for 5 days (if you miss one, you start over) on the certification’s FB group.

But bragging is a matter of seeing success in oneself. What is there to be celebrated when we cast a dim light on ourselves ?

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