Somebody to love

Don’t you want somebody to love ?
Don’t you need somebody to love ?
Wouldn’t you love somebody to love ?
You’d better find somebody to love !
… sang Grace Slick in the Jefferson Airplane’s song

It’s a song that looks of little consequence, just a funny song to dance on the beach.
But it’s deeper than it looks.

When we are in dire straits, disappointed, on our knees, feeling like Life is denying us the things we need the most, when our conditionned self has us in a headlock… we’d better find somebody to love.

I’m experiencing this as I’m writting these lines. The waning moon in Pisces had me crying half an hour yesterday, and I feel like I’ve been wronged by Life.
Oh, it’s an illusion, I know. But how to get out of this dark corner of the soul ?
Through love, that’s how.

I may not be able to feel confidence, now. I may not be able to feel enthusiasm.
Gratitude seems out of the question and satisfaction is way way way too hard.
But not love.

I can love the Sun (though at the moment it’s hidden behind clouds).
I can love Nature and indeed shed tears of gratitude for the trees, the whisper of the wind, the pollen of the elderflowers falling gently in the breeze, spreading sweet scent in its golden trail…

I can love a person that doesn’t love me back. I don’t care. I can love their walk, I can love the rich tone of their voice, I can love how they are poised to speak, or to go away. Oh, I can love their smile.
And suddenly, suddenly, beauty has eneterd my world. Suddenly I can relish the essence of this person so fair, and mind not the fact that they don’t particularly care for me.
I’m experiencing their presence as a present, like a flower that grows in my sight. The flower is not for me either, but I’m receiving the gift of its being here in a non-grasping way.
That’s satisfaction.

I can love the work of others. I can marvel at their skills, even skills I do not possess. I can love the fact that they are making others’ life better with their sacred work. I can admire their talent and feel a thrill of… oh, is it enthusiasm in my chest ?
I don’t need my work to be that successfull, in this instant. The thrill that I get for other’s genius feels just as good.

I can love that others are being guided. I can love the quiet, deep smile on my friend’s lips as she talks about the opportunities that have opened for her and about how her partner is being so supportive.
I can love the progress my fencer friend is making. How proud he must have been to go to the tournament this week-end. I can appreciate the firmness of his stance as he rises his arms to strike, the focused look in his eyes as he hits his target. I can love how he is channeling his strength and using it. I can almost feel the ground under the soles of his feet as he lunges…
Is that confidence ?

And as tears are now softly swelling in my eyes, I remember the fullness of my being.
I’m no longer poor, I’m no longer wronged, I’m no longer lacking.
I’m no longer on my knees, no longer begging.
But receiving, open, rich, proud, whole, at one with the Flow.

So when the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies, don’t you want somebody to love ?
Don’t you need somebody to love ?
Wouldn’t you love somebody to love ?
You’d better find somebody to love…