Intuition and why we too easily dismiss it

Intuition and the mind are two wholly different things.

The mind is the house of the conditionned self, it’s like a library : it merely contains what you have put there. And as you know, we put a lot of rubbish there ;)
The mind’s self-assigned job is primarily to keep us safe and to provide for our needs. Alas, it’s doing it based on our fears and limiting beliefs, so, quite often, it’s doing a poor job of it.

The intuition, on the other hand, is one of the voices of our Higher Self or Divine Guidance. It speaks in impressions, feelings. It’s like a big wave that goes a certain direction, always divinely guided, always point on, always right… But it doesn’t give explanations. Anyway, how could our limited, so-called rational or logical mind understand any explanation the intuition could give ?
« The Divine made me do it », that’s all.

So, the intuition’s advices often, very often are the opposite of the mind’s advice. Most of time, the intuition’s instructions do not make sense in our narrow « logical » mindset.
For example, today, my intuition told me : « rest. You don’t need to « do » anything. Just integrate the recent transformations you have undergone. Play. Enjoy. Stay home or go out have some fun. But don’t work. It’s not the time. »
Well, what if the instruction had been « sleep over, stay in bed » ?
I can follow it, because I’m self-employed. I don’t have to arrive at work at nine or anything of the sort, but what if I had a client to see at nine ? What if my mind said, in its haughty victorian professor-like voice « It doesn’t make any sense, you have work to do, get up and get started » ?

The answer is : the intuition is always right. Divine instructions don’t care for the mind’s limitations and distortions. What if you needed actual sleep to integrate this powerful powerful transformation you are into ? It may not show on the outside, but it’s so so needed. What if you disrupted it by following your mind instead, and spend the day being cranky and exhausted, miss your bus, get very peeved, yell at a colleague, and so on and so forth ?

The reality may not be as dramatic as this ;)
But… the intuition is always right.
If you can’t follow it exactly (for example because you have this client at nine sharp), then, follow the general idea behind the advice : clear your schedule during the day, go slow, take it easy, take some breaks.

I’m aware it will probably feel (very) unsafe.
And I’m aware that, when it doesn’t yield immediate « good » results, we get angry and frustrated and we think along the lines of « curse you, bloody intuition, what did you have me do, little devil ? »
Yes, if your intuition instructed to declare your love for someone who responds by the negative, you may think the advice was altogether bad. BUT. What if you needed this refusal to become very aware of your fear or rejection and your worthiness issues ? What if the pain of it was the messenger of a much needed new awareness on this ?

The Divine has a bigger plan. Relaxing into the certainty that guidance is ALWAYS (I cannot emphasize this too much) the right thing to do, even if the events that unfold are far beyond your understanding.

I have a little joke to the effect that the Universe never failed to bring me the perfect troubles to teach me what I needed to learn.
Were those troubles troublesome ?
Yes, definetly !
Were they worth it ?
So, following my intuition always lead me where I was meant to be. But you have to be willing to be patient, and wait till the pieces of the puzzle fall into place so you can see the bigger picture.
You. Are. Always. Guided.

Much love !