Why « hard » work doesn’t work


We are used to thinking that « hard work » is the key to everything. That every single lack and discomfort can be made right through « fixing » it externally : GETTING the job, GETTING the spouse, GETTING the fit body…

And when it doesn’t work, we simply push harder.

But WHY doesn’t it work ?

Because the Universe knows better than to encourage us to control our circumstances as the universal solution to every insatisfaction. It knows we are at risk of exhausting ourselves in the attempt. It knows we can’t do it alone because we never were meant to.

Insatisfaction has two causes : conditionned-self-based expectations that make us unhappy, and conditionned-self-based fears that make us hold back and stay small when our soul yearns to expand. In this second case, our frustration is a precious message to be heeded.

Whichever case you are in, simply « pushing » and « working » won’t do. It’s not about sweating it off ! It’s about contacting the unhealed parts of your Self, recognizing that you want them to be transmuted, entrusting them to the Universe and gently waiting to be guided about the next step you are to take : you don’t control at all !! You open, you allow, you release, you offer !

And when the time has come to take a bold step, it feels scary but you also feel GUIDED and supported in such a way that it doesn’t feel « hard ». It feels exhilarating, like bungee-jumping or tasting Japanese natto beans (they are supposed to be horrible… I tasted some, they have an unusual yeasty flavor but honestly, it’s not weirder than Marmite !)

When we « work hard », it’s that we are misaligned. Either we are dwelling on our fears and allowing them to rule the game, or we have embarked on an inadequate endeavor. Let’s imagine you are committed to loose a certain amount of weight because you hate your body and feel like being thinner is the only way to be « right »… it will feel hard. Because you are acting from your conditionned self and cultural references about beauty that are a distortion.

Or, if you are exhausting yourself in your job because you think that clients have to be « won » and tears and sweat have to earn them, or if you believe you aren’t good enough to « deserve » them… work will be hard. No doubt. Because, again, your conditionned self is poisoning your attitude.

Easy means aligned. Flowing means aligned. And aligned brings pleasure (a commodity not to be sneered at) and results ! Aligned means you are allowing, that you affirm that the situation belongs to Divine order, that you trust the process. You become process-driven and not goal-driven. Relaxedness emerges. Clarity emerges. Joy emerges. And your « work » isn’t work any more ! It becomes nurturing and fun !

So, if an area of your life feels like hard work, tune in and allow yourself to see if you are putting any kind of pressure, blame or limitation upon yourself and release it ! Offer it up to the Universe that will clear it. Soon, a sense of easyness will emerge.