Success is a hollow idea/idol

I’ve now been studying with the GAHP (global association for holistic psychotherapy) for three months. The course itself is over and we are now working to complete the requirements for being certified. One of the requirements is that we bragged for 5 days (if you miss one, you start over) on the certification’s FB group.

But bragging is a matter of seeing success in oneself. What is there to be celebrated when we cast a dim light on ourselves ?

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La routine du matin

Bon. C’est quoi exactement ces « routines du matin » dont on nous rabat les oreilles sur le net ? Pourquoi il y a des gens qui ressentent le besoin de se lever à 5heures du matin pour faire…. quoi que ce soit ? On entend parler yoga, méditation, écrire un post de blog (eh oui, à 5h30 du matin… mazette !)… ou quoi qu’ce souât (voix de Roparz dans Kaamelott)

Bon. Première chose, PAS DE PANIQUE.
La seule et unique raison d’être d’une routine matinale est de vous faire sentir BIEN. Lire la suite

Morning routine

What exactly are those « morning routines » that are all the rage on the internet ?
Why do some people feel the need to get up at 5am to do… whatever it is they do ? From yoga, to meditation, or writing a blog article or… well, whatever.

What a « morning routine » truly is, is something that’s meant do DO YOU GOOD. Lire la suite


When you are a historical reenactor at a camp everything slows down.
Everything becomes deeper.
The simple act of fetching water (at a modern tap, where it’s drink water, mind you. It’s not even the river or a well 500m away) brings all your way of living into perspective.

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