Faire une différence au quotidien 1/7

Comment on fait pour faire une différence dans la vie de tous les jours ? Trop souvent, les gens se disent « monde de merde » et deviennent amers, ou désespérés, pensant qu’il n’y a pas d’amour dans notre manière de vivre.

Et s’il n’y en n’avait pas parce que nous n’en mettons pas, et que nous ne sommes pas assez ouverts à le recevoir ? Lire la suite


These last days, I have talked a lot about vulnerability with people around me. With Ursine, my photograph (who has just given Rayonne a whole series of illustration pictures), at the kitchen table with a mug of tea, with fencing friends in a train that was taking us back to Paris, with my magical life-partner… It’s an important subject.

Moi quand je manque de vulnérabilité

Lacking vulnerability ? You’re probably looking like this !

I have recently discovered that, although it has always been very easy for me to talk about intimate subjects, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with vulnerability. I noticed that I « sifted » my words while making sentences and that since my youngest age, I had been trying to smooth my image (you might as well try to flatten the Himalaya). And, even with persons I feel good with, I wasn’t really my self. In fact, I totally ignored who it was, « my self ».

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